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Hi, I'm Tanya, Director of My Clear Voice. I'm a charity sector professional, law graduate and expert-by-experience and I've been providing advocacy and campaigning for people with severe mental health issues and other health conditions for more than ten years. My Clear Voice was developed from IMHA Society, a not-for-profit I ran for three years to increase the quality and provision of mental health advocacy nationally. Over this time, I have learned that all advocacy needs to get better.

There is a great and pressing need for good quality advocacy for people who are vulnerable. There are legal frameworks in place to protect people who are vulnerable. We can use these to help secure timely and appropriate care and treatment to meet essential needs and make a personalised plan for every person we work with.

I started My Clear Voice with the mission to make sure every person we work with is effectively supported and empowered to speak up for better care and treatment in their mental health, social care and in all vital health and care services. If this sounds good to you please take a look at our invitation...


I'm inviting you to join My Clear Voice on this journey to help uphold rights and improve care for all people who need advocacy support.

My Clear Voice is creating a range of resources to make advocacy and self advocacy more accessible and effective.


Please support our work by making a gift today to help us do this. You can opt in to receive a quarterly update on our progress of how we are empowering people who are vulnerable in care and treatment. Thank you.

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