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Where change is possible help is available and we want to help you get what you need as quickly and efficiently as possible

How we can help you

  • ​Talk to you in private about your concerns

  • Attend meetings with you or on your behalf about your care and treatment

  • Talk to and write to health and social care professionals for you

  • Look at your medical and social care records for you and clearly talk through available information with you

  • Provide you with information relevant to your issues

  • Help you to participate in decisions about your health and care

  • Provide information to your support networks and other organisations and people involved in your care, if you request this

  • Empower you with information to be more confident in speaking and making decisions about your care and treatment for your wellbeing - this is self advocacy

Types of Advocacy we offer

  • Mental Health Advocacy

  • Mental Capacity Advocacy

  • Deprivation of Liberty Advocacy

  • Relevant Person's Representative

  • Non-instructed Advocacy

  • Carer and Family Advocacy

  • Self Advocacy Training

  • Tribunal Witness

  • Tribunal Representative

Support Group
Doctor and Patient

Case study: Non-Instructed Advocacy for a Child

The parents of L, a child with special educational needs, contacted My Clear Voice to get help with obtaining appropriate educational provision for their child, after losing confidence in their legal representation.

My Clear Voice was appointed as their child's non-instructed independent advocate, acting in L's best interests. This included challenging the provision of an inappropriate school placement (which then did not proceed) and helping to obtain interim alternative education provision, while the process of identifying an appropriate school remained ongoing. 

Feedback from L's parents:

"It is clear our child's best interests are at the heart of the work My Clear Voice has done for L. Decisions and provisions that weren't helpful have been stopped and provisions that will help are now being put in place. We are so grateful My Clear Voice was able to step in and help our child to get what they need."

Advocacy via Video Call (eg Zoom)

Support Groups

We can meet you face to face if you are in London. For outside London, most of our advocacy will continue to take place by video call (or by phone if you prefer). Video call is available for anyone who prefers this. 

In a first meeting, we will speak to you to see if we can meet your needs.

Any in person or video/phone call meetings with your advocate should take place in a safe space (and in complete privacy if you wish). If you are an inpatient, in a care home or other placement, your health/social care provider should provide you with a private space (and the required equipment if needed) to meet with your advocate online, by telephone or face-to-face in confidence.

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